Q. I’ve purchased my tickets and am so excited for the event. What happens next?

A. We are so glad that you’ll be joining us! Expect to receive an email from the Heart to Home Conference team the week of January 26 with more details.

Q. How is seating handled at the event?

A. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure and arrive early! Doors to the Arena open one hour before the event begins–Friday night at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday morning at 8 a.m. (central time).

Q. Will there be food available for purchase at the Civic Center?

A. Of course! We suggest you buy your meal ticket in advance to enjoy the Chef’s best. If you want to buy food on site there will be basic concessions like coffee, hamburgers and soft drinks. The restaurants are approximately 10 minutes away and would require at least a suggested 90 minute break to enjoy a meal off campus. We have a number of food vendors lined up for your dining pleasure!

Q. Where in the Monroe Civic Center will the Heart to Home Conference be held?

A. The main conference program will be in the Arena.

Q. I’m interested in learning more about the event schedule…

A. We thank you for your interest and are finalizing many of the details related to the schedule. A final schedule will be available and distributed the day of the conference. The website is also a great place to stay connected on all things related to the conference: www.hearttohomeconference.com.

Q. I would love to attend the conference but live too far away. Do you plan on streaming the event online?

A. Yes, we are pleased to offer two options for women who live in other cities and would like to attend the conference via simulcast. The first is a simulcast that can be arranged by your church so that a group can attend. The second is a personal simulcast that will allow you to watch the conference from your home via computer. To learn more, please visit the Simulcast section of this website or email: Lori Hewitt – lori@incastevents.com.

Q. I live in the Monroe, LA area and would love to attend but simply don’t have the financial resources. Are there any scholarships available to the Heart to Home Conference?

A. Thank you for your inquiry into scholarships. There are a limited number of scholarship tickets available, thanks in part to the generous hearts of supporters of Heart to Home Ministry. These donors have graciously purchased additional tickets specifically for this purpose. Please submit your written request by email to: scholarship@hearttohomeconference.com and tell us a little bit about yourself, number of tickets requested, and why you would like to attend the Heart to Home Conference. Please know you must live locally as we are able to accommodate only a small number of scholarship tickets to the event. Scholarship awards are for tickets only, and do not include incidentals such as travel, meals or hotel expenses. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email the week of January 26.

Q. I am unable to attend the conference but would like to donate tickets. Can you please advise how I might be able to do this…

A. Thank you so much for your inquiry and generous offer to purchase tickets for our scholarship recipients. Simply visit the conference website, click “Register”, select the number of tickets you would like to donate, enter the promo code: SCHOLARSHIP, and complete your transaction. These tickets will be set aside and awarded to our Heart to Home scholarship recipients. Thank you so much for your kind and generous gift and for choosing to be a blessing to others.